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You could not do better

Sold our house in Danville for about $1.2 M. JouJou was highly and it turned out justifiably recommended! She asked us what price would be acceptable and agreed that our expected amount was reasonable. The main job was getting it ready for sale after living there for nearly 30 years. JouJou had people that were great at prepping and she guided us through the process without a problem. We anticipated possible delays because JouJou was scheduled to go on a cruise and we were to go on a 6 week trip. JouJou continued to manage the process while on a Mediterranean cruise. We were traveling in New Jersey and she arranged for a local notary to come to us with final papers, and the next day the draft was in our California bank. We believe that JouJou is honest, dedicated, efficient and practical. Her charming, positive, upbeat personality is another plus. You could not do better than having her manage your real estate transactions.

— Seller – Danville, 11/25/2014