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There wasn’t a time we couldn’t reach Joujou, even when she was on vacation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

We had the great fortune of meeting Joujou Chawla after she sold a home in our neighborhood.

At our first meeting Joujou brought all of the pertinent information we needed to learn about our home, its value and the market value of the homes within our price range and neighborhood. She also told us about her educational background and her vast experience as a realtor. By the time Joujou left we were sure she was the one we wanted to market and sell our beautiful home. She understood and highlighted the positive points of our home and found the perfect buyer for us. The escrow was seamless and closed on time.

One of many words I would use to describe Joujou is persistent. She never left a stone unturned advertising continually in all forms of media before we went on the market. Another word to describe Joujou is reliable-when she said she was going to do something it was done. You could definitely say that Joujou never let moss grow under her feet. She was always professional, brilliant, dedicated and honest. Our confidence in her ability to handle all aspects of our sale was seen daily when she spoke to other realtors, her associates, potential buyers, mortgage lenders and escrow officers. We were given a daily update informing us of what was happening in the advertisement and sale of our home.

There wasn’t a time we couldn’t reach Joujou even when she was on vacation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. We decided she didn’t really go on vacation she just took all of her tools and expertise with her.

Joujou’s attitude was always positive, upbeat and confident. We found the entire team at Rockcliff Realty congenial, supportive and professional.

Just recently our daughter sold her home and purchased another. If she lived in the San Francisco Bay area we would have highly recommended Joujou and her amazing Rockcliff team.

— Buyer/Seller – Danville, 12/18/2014