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Now is The Time to Sell

Now is The Time to Sell

Biggest Annual Home Price Increase!

Now is The Time to Sell

U.S. home prices in May experienced their biggest annual increase in more than two decades, as a shortage of properties and low borrowing rates fueled demand. The median existing-home sales price in May topped 350,000 Dollars for the first time, the National Association of Realtors said Tuesday. The figure was nearly 24% higher than a year ago (in the midst of massive lock-downs!), the biggest year-over-year price increase NAR has recorded in data going back to 1999. (WSJ)

Time to Sell

Bridge Loan Opportunity

And Now You Can Buy Your Dream Home

Tap into an exciting new pool of buyers when you work with me. Compass Bridge Loan Services gives homeowners the purchasing power to make an offer on a new home without waiting to sell their existing one. That means I can help access buyers who are ready and able to move quickly when they see a house like yours on the market.

How it Works

  • Work with me to search for your next home.
  • Apply and get approved for a bridge loan with the lender of your choice.
  • Work with me to get the first six months of your bridge loan payment fronted.
  • Move into your new home while I work to sell your current home faster and for more money.
  • When your old home sells, simply use the proceeds to pay back the bridge loan and any fronted monthly payments.

I can’t wait to work with you on your next home sale!


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Chawla Real Estate Team

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