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We’ll be working with her for good for sure

We’ll be working with her for good for sure

I waited for sometime to write this review since I wanted to sit down and do it. I met Ms Joujou first with our family during an open house a year and half back. She was courteous and we thought we’d give her a try when we’re serious (we weren’t back then). As first time homebuyers we didn’t know what it takes to be first time home “owners”.

Ms Joujou took over and helped us put some aggressive offers in a market where people are paying extremely high prices for what would be considered outrageous at other times. She’s extremely meticulous and hard working. She personally went on house selection tours with us – her knowledge on pros and cons of old single family (especially how they are built – construction) vs a new one; a town home / condo in this area vs that – impressed us. One thing became very clear over the course of our journey – Ms. Joujou knows “Homes” & “East Bay” – inside out.

We like to work with people whom we can maintain a long term relationship with – so it’s not really a business transaction type relationship for us – We’d found an agent that we knew we could maintain a long term relationship with. Few things that she helped us with –

  • Hard work of putting aggressive offers together; coordinating with lender and getting best foot forward possible.
  • Aggressive bargaining in a sellers market – for us.
  • Negotiated a good home in the end.

In the end more than price tag of a home, what matters to us is the home that we got we’re happy with. She’s still helping us with other things through her contacts – like carpeting, etc. We’ll be working with her for good for sure.

— Buyer – San Ramon, 3/17/2017