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We were super impressed with Joujou’s approach

Working with Joujou has been a pleasure, and a very fruitful experience. We were super impressed with Joujou’s approach. At our very first meeting, she invited us to share our exact requirements, she laid out a plan, and she gave us a clear expectation of how the process would play out. Her team then executed the preparation, the showing, the viewings, and the bids flawlessly, and transparently. It of course, didn’t hurt that our property was an excellent one 🙂 Joujou has a calm demeanor where it matters, with sellers (us) and in conveying activity from potential buyer side. We encountered some unexpected delays from the buyer’s lender, which was a little disconcerting, but all in all, a great experience! I would recommend Joujou to friends.

— Seller – Danville, 11/20/2020


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