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She has the inside track

She has the inside track

Joujou is one of those people in the world who loves her job, is great at her job and strives to be even better at her job. She has not just expertise on the area, but has specific house knowledge that is over-the-top. She has the inside track on houses that are coming on the market, which in a competitive market is key, because by the time top tier product comes on Zillow, it’s too late. This is how we got our house. We were the first ones to view it because she had gotten a sense of what we were looking for by working with us for a few months and was aggressive in getting us the first offer. She navigated the negotiation process and escrow process with great care and delivered on getting us a great house in a super competitive market. Would recommend her to anyone.

— Buyer – Danville, 02/25/2021


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