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Joujou helped us get our dream house

Joujou helped us get our dream house

Joujou helped us get our dream house.

We were picky clients. We were looking for a new family home, stylish, elegant, lots of natural light, with a large yard, mature trees, on a nice quiet street with traditional charm, yet all the modern amenities. We knew exactly the house and neighborhood we wanted, but houses there rarely came up for sale. When our dream home came on the market, it was priced above our budget. Joujou negotiated with the seller and they agreed to sell to us for $300,000 less than the original listing price.

In order to close the deal, we had to sell our existing home. Joujou handled everything perfectly.

Joujou guided us through every step of the process. She kept in constant contact with us through phone and text. Even though she was helping many other clients at the same time, we never knew it. We felt like we were her only clients.

We have been in our new home for three years and couldn’t be happier with our home purchase. Yesterday, out of the blue, our 5-year-old son said, “I like it here.” We do too.

— Buyer/Seller – Danville, 2/05/2014