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Joujou has the pulse of the market

Joujou has the pulse of the market

If you want a real estate professional, dedicated to her profession with over 32 years of experience in the Bay Area, then you will be well served by selecting Joujou Chawla and her team at Rockcliff Realty.

When we decided to downsize and sell our home, we interviewed several real estate representatives. During this process we noticed a home in our neighborhood was listed and sold in a week. We called the listing agent, and we met with Joujou the next day. Our discussion was very informative. She provided us with a wealth of information and covered the status of the market place, her recommended pricing, and how she would market our home to the right buyers. It was very clear Joujou has the pulse of the market and broad access to multiple types of buyers. We felt her recommendations were very acceptable. During our initial Brokers Tour showing, Joujou sold our home to very well pre-qualified buyers.

Joujou was not done, she was on top of the closing process through to closure, calling us almost every day explaining the documents, and keeping us informed about the progress of the buyers and our responsibilities for closing.

About halfway through the closing we decided to purchase a smaller home in our area, and we wanted to close both homes simultaneously. Joujou went into action and negotiated a good price for our new home and successfully drove the closing process and issues for both homes to occur on the same day. During the closing Joujou went on a long planned vacation on a ship in the Mediterranean for 10 days. Our daily calls of updates never stopped during our time of day, even though she was nine hours ahead of us.

By selecting Joujou and her Rockcliff team of dedicated professionals you will be well served in selling or buying your home.

— Buyer/Seller – Danville, 12/18/2014