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Her reputation in the marketplace is simply unmatched

Her reputation in the marketplace is simply unmatched

Our family just completed the 3rd purchase transaction with JouJou in the east bay, our 2nd in Danville. Our experience can be summed up quite simply; there is absolutely no way we would have been able to successfully complete these acquisitions without JouJou and her team.

After an offer on our current residence fell through, my wife and I found ourselves in a competitive bidding situation with another set of buyers. It is my strong belief that JouJou’s reputation as someone who delivers on promises and ‘gets the job done’, was the primary reason for the listing agent and sellers even considering and subsequently accepting our offer. Yes, we had all the credentials to qualify financing and a significant down-payment, etc, however, the other buyers I’m sure were in similar positions. The difference; JouJou Chawla.

JouJou’s work ethic, responsiveness, professionalism, network of real estate professionals and ultimately her reputation in the marketplace is simply unmatched.

If you or someone you know is looking to purchase or sell a home within JouJou’s service areas, you would be foolish not to consider being represented by JouJou.

— Buyer/Seller – Danville, 10/25/2013