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E​ssential Home Staging Ideas that Create the Biggest Impact

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In selling your home in the competitive East Bay region, home staging is a must to make your property stand out and catch the attention of the right buyers.

Various studies have shown that it can help sell a home faster and at a higher price.

Home staging is even more crucial for high-end homes. Luxury homebuyers tend to be more discriminating, so it’s important to impress them from the get-go and make them see what makes your home special.

While expert stagers know how to bring out your property’s unique qualities, there are essential home staging elements that can create an immediate impact on any property. Here are some of these elements:

  1. Declutter and depersonalize every room

    In addition to making your home look amazing, the purpose of home staging is to make it easy for potential buyers to imagine living in your space. Too many books, toys, gadgets, and similar items can make a room feel cluttered and cramped. Additionally, your personal photos, collections, and memorabilia can be highly distracting.

    To depersonalize your home, remove all personal objects in every room and replace them with neutral décor and artwork. Get rid of clutter in drawers, closets, and under the bed. Think of your home as a commodity instead of your personal space. You’d want to make the home seem brand new so buyers will feel they can easily turn it into their very own space.

  2. Deep clean every area

    While cleaning is a must when preparing a home for sale, you must go the extra mile and make sure every surface is spotless and gleaming. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint. See to it that your bathroom tiles, kitchen counters, floors, and others are free from grime. Replace old rusting fixtures and cabinet handles, and dust shelves, lamps, and unused corners. Hire a professional cleaner to get the deep cleaning you need.

  3. Stage all rooms

    Luxury homebuyers have high expectations and you must make sure that you meet – and preferably exceed – these expectations. Create a focal point in each room and stage around this. Define the purpose of each room, then choose furniture, décor, and other design elements to enhance this purpose. For example, make the master’s bedroom feel like a sanctuary with fresh linens, comfortable pillows, and soft lighting. For the family room, add a large screen TV and comfy furniture where occupants can sink in and enjoy a show.

  4. Make the home feel bright and airy

    A well-lit and spacious home gives off a positive and cheerful vibe. Replace heavy drapes with light curtains or window treatments to show off great views and let in as much natural light as possible. Make sure the furniture fits the scale and size of the room. Change harsh lighting into warm ones. A room that lacks windows or one that’s too dark may brighten up with the strategic use of mirrors or accents in shiny metal and glass.

    An open layout is the best way to achieve a spacious, airy feel. Play one up by harmonizing the design elements of the space and providing easy access from one part of the space to another. If you don’t have an open layout, consider knocking down a wall or two to create a large, continuous space. Make your home feel inviting with subtle touches like soft, fluffy pillows, a bowl of lemons, blooms from your garden, and ambient lighting.

  5. Stay neutral

    You may love that colorful mural in your bedroom or the bright green paint in your kitchen. Some buyers might too, but many who don’t share your taste can easily get turned off. To appeal to a larger number of buyers, it’s best to stick to a neutral color scheme. The most popular wall colors are white, beige, gray, and ivory. However, it’s generally okay to have an accent wall in a contrasting hue, and it does pay to break up a monotonous color scheme with pops of color. To achieve a harmonious look, it’s best to consult an interior designer or professional home stager.

  6. Enhance your curb appeal

    Making a great first impression starts with your curb appeal. A buyer who’s not impressed with how your home looks from the outside may not even consider going in. Make sure your exterior walls, windows, and walkways are clean and spotless. Enhance your landscaping with healthy plants and flowers, and add a potted plant on the front porch. See to it that the lawn is impeccably trimmed and greened.

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