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Welcome, January 2023!

Welcome, January 2023!


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welcome january 2023

Welcome, January 2023!

Happy, Healthy 2023 to you! A fresh start and I am BRIMMING with excitement!

A new year with great opportunities, goals, and potential! I am ready to sit down and help you navigate those goals and opportunities to see the potential that is waiting for you! Real Estate is my passion, and with 39+ years of experience, the best is yet to come!

I look forward to connecting with you soon to help with any of your real estate needs. Give me a call 24/7 at 510-406-4836

My Best Always,


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number one agent in danville and blackhawk joujou chawla

Joujou was our buyer and seller agent. We decided to go with her because of her extensive knowledge and stellar reputation in the Danville and Blackhawk market. We knew a contingent sale will be tricky in this temperamental market. We knew Joujou had the connections, inventory and network to find the house which will meet our very unique needs and choices. She and her team made the process seamless during a very unpredictable time. We were out of the country the first week the house was on the market and before we returned she had secured a potential buyer for our house and found the most beautiful home for us. We got the price we expected for our home sale and she negotiated a great deal for our new home. I can write chapters on how wonderful our experience was working with Joujou her awesome team and the ancillary experts she connected us with. Joujou is not just our real estate expert but has become a friend through this process. Thanks Team Joujou!!!

~Duttas, Danville Buyer & Seller 2022

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Reliability + Certainty

There are some things that are 100% certain and reliable…..and January 1st is one of those days. The end of a year and the dawn of a new one. In this roller coaster world where the highs and lows seem to become more extreme each day, and the only certainty we speak to is the certainty of change, we tend to forget that quite a number of things are very reliable and certain, so here are some examples and how they may relate to you. 1. Markets rise and fall. They always have and always will. They also almost always recover. And mostly they surpass their prior ‘high’s’. The only unknown about recovery is the timing. Just look at any graph – over years, not weeks or months – to see the picture more clearly. 2. Births, marriages, deaths, divorces, career changes, made fortunes, lost fortunes, retirements and all cyclical life changes never stop. They too are certain and reliable. Again, their timing is the only thing that varies. They are the primary drivers of real estate markets. Real estate and life are inexorably intertwined. 3. Every year certainly has just four quarters. But no quality, substantive career is made up of just four quarters. Think decades, not quarters. 4. Every day has just 24 hours. Every human body needs sleep to recharge, leaving a lot less awake time to do all you have to do. Time remains the last luxury, the one thing no amount of money or power can buy. 5. Assuming Americans live to an average age of about 78 years old, translated into reality, that is just 28,470 days or 683,280 hours. If you are 39 years old, cut these numbers in half to get some perspective of how little time we have to do LOTS! Every life has a beginning, middle and end. 6. Birthdays, public holidays, religious holidays, etc happen reliably and consistently every single year…..celebrate them, commemorate them. And seek in them marketing and messaging opportunities too.

So as we enter the uncertainty of another year (uncertainty is pretty reliable and certain too!), almost certain to deliver surprises both good and bad, let’s also be reminded of all the certainties that exist that are certain to fuel us and make us SOAR to new heights! I’m a firm believer that the best is yet to come.

~Leonard Steinberg

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Macroeconomic Updates

California State Market Report

Diablo Valley Real Estate December 2022 Report

Updated January 2023 graphs coming soon.

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10 Bathroom Design Trends We’ll See in 2023

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coming soon joujou chawla 018_25 Chatsworth Ct18

25 Chatsworth Ct., Danville |

5 bd | 3 ba | 2961 sf | 0.22 ac | $2,298,800

001_201 S Ridge Ct21

201 S. Ridge Ct., Blackhawk | Offered at $4,998,800

6 bd | 5.5 ba | 6852 sf | 0.84 ac |

001_112 Turanian Ct-Front

112 Turanian Ct., Danville | Offered at $3,989,800

4 bd | 4.5 ba | 4862 sf | 0.35 ac |

Featured Listings - Joujou Chawla
4388 Mansfield Dr., Danville, CA

4388 Mansfield Dr., Danville

4 bd | 3 ba | 3488 sf | 0.26 ac

List Price $2,198,800 |
195 Chanticleer Ln., Alamo, CA

195 Chanticleer Ln., Alamo  | List Price $7,248,800 |

9 bd | 8.5 ba | 8903 sf | 7.81 ac

MAIN HOUSE – 7 bd | 6.5 ba | 7253 sf

POOL HOUSE – 1 bd | 1 ba | 550 sf

GUEST HOUSE – 1 bd | 1 ba | 1100 sf

3482 Cinnamon Ridge Rd., San Ramon

3482 Cinnamon Ridge Rd., San Ramon

4 bd | 4.5 ba | 2921 sf | 0.10 ac

List Price $2,048,800 |

848 Kirkcrest Rd., Alamo, CA

841 Kirkcrest Rd., Alamo | Offered at $2,488,800

4 bd | 2.5 ba | 3499 sf | 0.61 ac |  View Website

1605 Riviera Ave. #601, Walnut Creek, CA

1605 Riviera Ave. Unit 601, Walnut Creek | Offered at $1,642,000

2 bd | 2.5 ba | 1923 sf | 3-car garage |

2020 Victorine Rd., Livermore, CA

2020 Victorine Road | Livermore | Offered at $14,998,800

5 bd | 5F/2H ba | 8144 sf | 107 ac |

020_176 Diablo Ranch Ct8

176 Diablo Ranch Court | Danville

Offered at $12,000/month for Lease or $3,198,800 for Sale

5 bd | 4.5 ba | 4059 sf | 0.60 ac |

3649 Deer Trail Dr., Blackhawk, CA

3649 Deer Trail Drive | Blackhawk | Offered at $2,599,800

5 bd | 3 ba | 4022 sf | 0.16 ac | Site:

0 Highland Rd., Pleasanton, CA

0 Highland Road | Pleasanton | Offered at $2,200,000

279.72 Acres! | Endless Opportunity!


176 Diablo Ranch Court | Danville

Offered at $12,000/month for Lease or $3,198,800 for Sale

5 bd | 4.5 ba | 4059 sf | 0.60 ac |

819 paseo roble

819 Paseo Roble Ct., Walnut Creek

Offered at $5,000/month

4 bd | 3.5 ba | 2509 sf | 0.08 ac | Video

135 Coralflower Lane_

135 Coralflower Ln., San Ramon

Offered at $3,995/month

3 bd | 2.5 ba | 1488 sf | 0.05 ac | Video

1655 n. california-259

1655 N. California Blvd. #259, Walnut Creek

Offered at $3,995/month

1 bd | 1.5 ba | 1054 sf  | Video

Pending - Joujou Chawla 3385 Quail Walk Ln., Blackhawk, CA

3385 Quail Walk Ln., Blackhawk | Pending

Offered at $3,588,800

5 bd | 3.5 ba | 4724 sf | 0.5 ac |

003_2622 Willowren Way-Front

2622 Willowren Way, Pleasanton | Recently Listed – Already Pending!

4 bd | 2.5 ba | 2024 sf | 0.18 ac

List Price $1,499,800 |

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