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Home Staging Matters

Home Staging Matters

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If you want to stand out in the competitive real estate landscape, one effective way you can do this is to stage your home. Recreating your space to make it appeal to a broader market can make your home sell faster. The rate is typically  7% to 10% higher than your asking price. The age of the home matters less than the way staging allows the improvements you’ve made over the years to shine through. This article lists all of the reasons home staging matters.

A staged home sells better and faster than their non-staged counterparts. These are two outcomes that work very well for you as the seller. The easier it is for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home, the higher your chances of quickly sealing a deal. It’s wholly possible for a potential buyer to make an offer that’s 7% to 10% higher than your asking price.

So, staging a house for sale gives you the needed edge in an already competitive real estate market. Here are a few specific key reasons to consider signing up for home staging services before putting your home up for sale:

Staging makes potential buyers feel like they’re stepping into their next home

Once your home gets listed, buyers and agents will walk through its doors to take a closer look. To live up to their scrutiny, create a welcoming atmosphere that will make them feel right at home. Home staging will achieve that, and professional home stagers are skilled at placing furniture, using lighting, and picking out accent pieces that will make your home look like a buyer’s dream. Stagers will lace a floor lamp in a dark corner, replace heavy drapes with sheer curtains, and create table vignettes to set a mood. A stager can make a room look more inviting than it has ever been.

You can help with the process by depersonalizing your home by removing family photos, memorabilia, and other personal effects. While these items can be near and dear to you, it’s more important to make a great first impression on homebuyers. They want to feel like they’re stepping into their next home – not someone else’s.

Staging allows each room and piece of furniture to serve a specific function

In truth, our homes are more cluttered than we realize. It is time to admit that fact if you want to sell yours. The setup we’re used to may appear messy and disorganized to others. Your home will look tidier and more thought out by using a professional home stager. Stagers have a trained eye for organization and knowing where to reposition furniture to make the best impression.

Therefore, you should remove some furniture to make your space look and feel larger. The stager will also advise you on the furniture they can use and the pieces you need to put in storage.  It will also be easier to move around if every piece serves a specific purpose in each room.

Staging makes the most of what you already have

While you can spend on new furniture or décor, a professional home stager will mainly be working with the furniture and decor you already have. What passes the decluttering test will be their tools to show your home in its best light.

A capable home stager will be able to work with any interesting furniture or art pieces that you have to showcase. They typically bring in additional furniture and home accessories to make your space stand out.

Staging reveals the home improvements you’ve made

Home improvements and upgrades that you have done will be highlighted in the course of staging. For example, the quartz kitchen counter will emerge from clutter. Or, the upgraded bathroom cabinets, hidden behind towels, can now serve as a crucial selling point.

Staged homes perform better on the market because they suggest regular upkeep that makes it likely that the home is in good condition. Homebuyers can see that the home is well maintained and has undergone the repairs it needed.

In addition, home stagers can also connect you with a professional home inspector. They will check for leaky pipes, broken shingles, and the soundness of your foundation.

Staging leaves buyers and agents with a lasting impression

This is the ultimate goal of home staging. You want potential buyers to look at your home and make an offer. With a beautifully staged home, it will be hard to keep it under wrap. Your home can quickly become one of the most desired on the market. Staging provides a greater possibility of selling quickly.

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