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A​dvantages of Hiring a Professional Photographer for Real Estate Marketing

A​dvantages of Hiring a Professional Photographer for Real Estate Marketing

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An image may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to real estate, it could well be worth millions. When selling a home in a competitive market like the East Bay, investing in high-end marketing collateral like professional real estate photography is the key to a successful sale.

According to Realtor, 93% of buyers use the internet to search for property. That makes listing photos online a huge factor in purchases. Buyers will most likely scroll through pictures before deciding to come to an open house.

Here are the advantages of hiring a professional photographer when selling your home:

Pre-shoot Scouting

Before the actual shoot, a photographer will scout the property to explore all possible angles. First, they will determine the best setup based on things like curb appeal and furniture arrangement. Expect to see them experimenting with exterior and interior lighting as they figure out the best time of day to do the shoot. They will also take sample photos of the home to get a visual on what they will need to make the place look its best.

Art Direction

When it comes to real estate photography, what’s important is not having hundreds of photos to sell a home. It’s all about choosing the right photos, and it’s the photographer’s job to capture the best images for your listing.

A professional real estate photographer knows exactly what buyers are looking for. On average, they will include around 10 shots of interiors and exteriors in the final cut – each shot different from the rest. They may even have a theme in mind for the shoot like nautical or shabby chic.

Staged Photography

Contrary to popular belief, home staging isn’t just about making a home look beautiful. It’s also about selling a lifestyle and getting a positive emotional response from buyers. A professional photographer can make suggestions on how to prepare your home to make it easier for buyers to imagine living there.

For example, a bare home creates no emotion, while a poorly furnished one might get a negative response.

If your home is currently empty, work with a staging company who can bring in tasteful décor and furniture.

If the property is furnished, the photographer and home staging professional will rearrange the furniture and décor in each room for the picture-perfect look. They might remove personal effects so that buyers won’t get distracted. This makes it easier for buyers to decide if the home suits their personal taste.

Angles and Lighting

The right lighting and the best angles emphasize the best features of the property. A professional photographer finds the perfect angle to make your home look as appealing as possible. This involves shooting with a tripod, from the floor, or from a ladder to capture different angles.

In capturing sections of the home from various viewpoints, the photographer can give the illusion of more space. They can also highlight distinct features such as hardwood floors or quartz counters. They may also take advantage of natural lighting by opening curtains to brighten the home and make it look more inviting.


When it comes to real estate photography, each shot should take the buyer through the different structural elements of the home. Curves and clean lines can help guide the buyer through the property.

To make sure that every shot accomplishes this, your real estate photographer will determine the photo subject and the elements to be included in it. They’ll decide how to fill space, direct focus, and emphasize vertical and horizontal lines.


Buyers are rarely shown raw photographs. The only photos that make it to the listing are the ones that make it to the final selection. This is because the photographer has sifted through the photos he has taken and presented to them only the best ones selected during the post-production process.

After the best photos from the shoot have been selected, the photographer will enhance these further using photo editing software. With these, they can correct or improve on color values to make sure that certain elements such as the grass, sky, and trees are just right.

Photo editing software also allows a photographer to delete or crop out some elements that may tend to ruin a photo’s composition like a stray slipper by the sofa or dry patches of grass. That’s why it’s easier to work with photos showing ample space around the subject. There will be enough room to crop out elements that may turn attention away from the photo’s subject. It’s also easier to crop out an image than to add artificial or duplicated parts to the whole photo.

When the photographer is done with post-production, they will decide how these photos can be used – but with proper consultation with you so they can work based on your marketing preferences.

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